27 Apr 2011

Next SPUG Meeting 19.5.2011 @swisstopo in Bern - 19.00 o'clock

After a short but recreative hibernation the SPUG meets again to discuss, explore and share the interesting world of puppet managed systems. We would like to invite you this time to the offices of Swisstopo (Switzerland’s national cartography agency) in Bern. We set the date right after the upcoming PuppetCamp in Amsterdam, as various people around the SPUG are attending the PuppetCamp and we thought that it would be interesting if the attendees could report back about what is going on in the wider puppet community.

So we meet on

Thursday 19. May at 19.00 o'clock

at the offices of Swisstopo, which are located at

Seftigenstrasse 264 in Wabern near Bern.

Arriving there is quite simple: Take Tram #9 in direction of Wabern and drive till “Eichholz” or the final station “Wabern”. The offices of Swisstopo are located within these two stations. For detailed information have a look at their guide.

Attention: May 19th is a week later than a date that have been previously leaked to a few people. So if you already knew about the upcoming meeting, please adjust your calendar.

We would like to ask interested people to send a simple e-mail to Hanspeter Christ ( hanspeter.christ(at)swisstopo.ch ) with the Subject “Teilnahme spug meeting @swisstopo” to register their attendance.

Drinks and Snacks are provided.

Furthermore we are looking for people that would be willing to present/discuss/share/ask/… something about their usage with puppet or related tools, so we could have a few presentations to announce. This can be in a very short manner, even only 30s presentation or a bit longer ones, like 5 or a bit more minutes. Please send your presentation idea to Marcel Härry ( mh(at)scrit.ch ), so we can announce them prior to the meeting. But it will also be possible to spontaneously give a lightning talk at the meeting. A beamer and a Linux-based laptop will be available.

We can already announce a few short presentations:

If you have further questions do not hesitate to ask on the SPUG-List ( spug (at) lists.saitis.net ). If you haven’t done so, please subscribe to this low-traffic list, where we will also announce further meetings.

Cu there!

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